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AT5412 Transportation Tag

The AT5412 Harsh Environment Transportation Tag is a half frame, beam-powered tag used in 915 MHz radio frequency (RF) band applications with TransCore Amtech, SmartPass and Encompass multiprotocol reader systems. It is packaged in a factory-sealed case, which makes this tag ideal for mounting on vehicle chassis, inter-modal containers, or in any environment requiring a durable, weatherproof tag.

The AT5412 Transportation Tag is beam-powered (a small portion of the RF signal continually energizes the tag’s circuitry) so no internal battery is required. In addition to giving the tag an unlimited service life, this feature limits the tag’s range and reduces the possibility of cross-reads from nearby tags. System discretion is enhanced to within a 5- to 10- foot (1.5- to 3-meter) diameter reading area.

The tag can be factory-programmed, as specified by the customer, and can store up to 10 six bit alphanumeric characters of data (60 bits) compatible with previous ATA/AAR read-only readers.

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Product Features:

  • Supports Super eGo® (SeGo), eGo, and ATA protocols
  • Non-battery for extended service life
  • 2048-bit read/write memory
  • Read/write capability in SeGo mode
  • Compatible with multiple Amtech®-brand readers and TransCore® Encompass® multiprotocol readers
  • Data encryption and authentication
  • Harsh environment durability
  • Factory-sealed case
  • Half frame, beam-powered tag