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K-3™ Kiosk

Weatherproof, Mountable Remote Data Collection System

Why do you need a K-3 System?

K-3™ kiosk is a self-contained Microsoft Windows data collection system that is designed specifically for those sites that require a flexible data collection terminal. It can either be mounted inside the scale house or outside on a post or pedestal near the scale.

The K-3 allows drivers to process automatic transactions using the Interact® software. Database tables such as Truck, Job and Material can be updated locally with admin permissions. With an internet connection, these tables can be managed remotely with the DataSync Module.

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Return On Investment

  • Eliminates the need for a scale operator – free staff for other duties
  • Improve cash flow by collecting timely ticket data and faster invoice cycles
  • Quick access to job totals by office and field staff allows for more efficient production and planning
  • Reduces costs/errors associated with manual entry of tickets into billing system
  • Inventory control/tracking
  • Ability to control gates and other peripherals