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Data Sync Module

The DataSync Module is ideal for companies using Interact® at multiple sites. This module provides synchronization of data from remote locations to the central office – eliminating the need to double enter data between Interact sites.

  • Interact SE and Interact PRO licenses.
  • All database fields such as accounts, trucks, rates, materials and jobs at remote site will be the same as the Interact database at the main office.
  • High speed internet access at main office and all remote locations is recommended for efficient processing.
  • Static IP address at main office is necessary for automated processing feature.
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Features & Specifications:

  • Minimizes the need for Interact users at the remote sites to add accounts, materials and jobs to the local database. The main office typically controls this function and sends the tables to the remote site(s).
  • Provides automated processing. DataSync automatically identifies new or updated fields and syncs this information. Synchronization can be scheduled to execute as often as necessary.
  • Built-in auto recovery of data exchanged between PCs if connection is disrupted during the synchronization process.
  • Highly configurable to customer’s needs. AWS reviews each customer application and specifically configures DataSync to meet those needs.
  • Eliminates error-prone data entry that occurs when multiple users have to make changes to the same database tables from multiple PCs.