Newmont Mining


RTSA Kiosk with Interact® SE truck scale software


Newmont Mining was looking for a system that would reduce scale labor costs while increasing the volume of truck traffic across their scales. At each mine site that had a scale, there were three shifts of scale operators. Newmont Mining wanted to consolidate and relocate their scale monitoring efforts away from the mine sites so that the central office could manage all sites.


Install an RTSA system with Interact SE software at each mine site. Since scale traffic is bi-directional, two RTSA terminals are installed. Truck drivers are prompted for input based on their load hauls. This data is captured real-time across Newmont Mining’s WAN back at the central office and the truck driver is presented a ticket.

Newmont Mining achieved their two main objectives. Since the system has been commissioned, they have been able to achieve consistent unattended operations in the 99+ percentile, thus dramatically reducing their labor cost. The few manual transactions that occur are easily managed by the single scale operator at the central office. Also, truck cycle times have decreased allowing increased volume.

Newmont Mining
Interact SE
Carlin, NV