KC Transport


Interact® SE truck scale ticketing software with Inventory Module, unattended AutoTouch and Real-Time Scale Appliance (RTSA)


KC Transport operates a number of transload and terminal facilities in the Bakken oil region and were manually tracking their product inventories. As the amount of storage at their facilities grew, it became more and more difficult to manage and track inventories in a timely and accurate manner.


AWS provided KC Transport with an automated solution that not only provided more accurate inventory tracking, but also gave management timely data and visibility it never had.

Using the Interact software, with a combination of attended and unattended processess, KC Transport can now accurately capture inventory and control time critical load deliveries.

From unloading railcars to dispatching trucks to well sites, AWS provided products and services to streamline these activities. KC Transport now has the ability to generate real-time inventories that satisfy the reporting requirements of their customers and management personnel.

KC Transport
Interact SE
Inventory Module
Sydney, MT