GLC Minerals


RTSA Kiosk with Interact® and Full Import/Export Module


As GLC Minerals’ business expanded, so did their hours of operation and security needs. With these expanded hours, the time needed to manually process scale transactions and then hand enter each transaction into Microsoft Dynamics was becoming extremely inefficient. Furthermore, customers were often loading after regular business hours causing the drivers to wander around the facility late at night looking for somebody to process their transactions. This was not only an inconvenience but also a liability issue.


Install two RTSA unattended data collection terminals with an interface to Microsoft Dynamics.

Return On Investment:

  • Saves time by not having to manually process scale tickets
  • Eliminates errors between Interact & Microsoft Dynamics
  • Expands hours of operation
  • Increases security

Cycle of Operation:

  1. Orders are entered into Dynamics and automatically exported/imported into Interact
  2. Truck pulls onto scale, driver enters order number and a “pick ticket” is printed (inbound scale ticket)
  3. Pick ticket is handed to load out employee providing proof that the truck weighed in; driver signs pick ticket
  4. Truck loads and pulls back onto scale
  5. Order number is once again entered and transaction is closed (outbound scale ticket prints)
  6. Completed transaction is automatically exported to Dynamics for real-time data acquisition needs
GLC Minerals
Interact Software
Full Import/Export Module
Green Bay, WI