Dunn County Solid Waste


RTSA Kiosk with Interact® PRO software, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and industrial intercom system


Dunn County Solid Waste’s truck scale ticket data collection workload increased as their business grew. They needed to make a choice between hiring additional staff to process the scale transactions or automate as much of the process as reasonably possible.


Install an RTSA unattended data collection system with RFID. Each truck belonging to Dunn County Solid Waste’s major haulers is issued an RFID badge. This allows the RTSA to automatically identify those trucks when they pull onto the scale and prompt the driver for a Material Code. For cash transactions, the driver presses the “CALL” button on the face of the RTSA and the transaction is processed by an employee in the “attended mode” in Interact. This system allows Dunn County Solid Waste to remain as efficient as possible while maintaining their current work staff.

Dunn County Solid Waste
Interact Pro
RFID Reader and Tags
Industrial Intercom System
Menomonie, WI