A. Lindberg & Sons, Inc.


RTSA Kiosk with Interact® SE truck scale software and Image Capture Module


A. Lindberg & Sons needed a way to automate the ticketing process for their larger customers at their main pit. This pit also serviced a large group of cash customers, so a scale attendant was necessary to process transactions. Furthermore, due to requirements for state testing of gravel samples, another employee was necessary to perform lab tests while the scale attendant processed all groups of transactions.


A. Lindberg & Sons installed an RTSA with the Image Capture Module system to service the larger customers. As each transaction is processed by the driver, an image is taken of the front of the truck and one inside of the trailer to identify the material. These images can be reviewed at any time and e-mailed to customers. All cash sales and smaller accounts are still processed by the scale attendant in the “attended mode” using the Interact software.

The system has provided return on investment in the following ways:

  • Eliminated the need for a second full-time employee to run the lab room
  • Reduced the amount of overtime paid to scale operators when large accounts wanted to haul after hours
A. Lindberg & Sons, Inc.
Interact® SE
Image Capture Module
Marquette, MI