Waupaca County Highway Department


RSA Kiosk with Interact® SE


Waupaca County Highway Department had the need to track the amount of salt being applied to roads throughout the county during the winter months. In addition, there were private companies purchasing salt from the county that needed to be billed on a timely basis. Since three of the four salt storage warehouses were satellite locations, there was a problem with retrieving ticket data quickly and accurately.


Install an RSA at each location with dial up modem capability. This allows Waupaca County to upload current customer and route information to each site when needed and download completed transactions to the main office on a daily basis. They are now able to run 24 hours per day at each site without the expense of paying a scale attendant to process each transaction because the system is 100% unattended. The system also allows them to quickly and accurately retrieve the transactional data and download it to their Chems accounting system.

Waupaca County Highway Department
Interact SE
Waupaca, WI