Penn State University


RSA Kiosk with DVR Video Capture


Penn State University (PSU) needed an affordable way to accurately and efficiently account for their materials processed, manufactured and sold. They had been handwriting scale tickets and wanted to switch to an automatic electronic data collection system. PSU was looking for a user-friendly system for employees and customers and they needed to access reports from an off-site office location.


PSU purchased an RSA system to automate the data collection process. With the addition of four cameras and a DVR system, PSU can monitor scale activity while being reassured that the transactions are properly recorded.

The new system eliminates manual data entry and provides both a physical and electronic copy of the scale transaction ticket. This allows management to more efficiently track the inventory of their manufactured products.

By providing on-site consultation and demonstration, PSU is confident in their purchase from AWS.

Penn State University
RSA System
DVR Video Capture
State College, PA