Merryman Aggregates


RSA Kiosk with Check-In Terminal, Video Recording, Interact® software and QuickBooks Interface Module


Merryman Aggregates needed a fully automated truck scale ticketing system that restricted access to their quarry during off-peak hours while still allowing a fixed group of trucks to access the quarry 24 hours per day. Since the hours of the quarry were irregular, hiring a scale attendant was not a possibility. With no scale attendant, they needed to automate the ticket collection process as well as capture video of the product being taken and the trucks entering and exiting the facility.


Merryman Aggregates installed an RSA system with the following cycle of operation:

  1.  Truck pulls up to gate and enters unique PIN # (gate can be left open during regular business hours)
  2. Gate opens, image is taken, gate closes once truck passes loop detector
  3. Truck proceeds to pit for loading
  4. Truck pulls onto scale and the RSA prompts the driver for the following information
    1. Truck PIN # (tied to “Hauler Account”)
    2. Job # (tied to “Bill-To Account”)
    3. Material
  5. Video records, tickets print
  6. Truck pulls off scale, transaction is complete
Merryman Aggregates
Check-In Terminal
Interact Software
QuickBooks Interface Module
Video Recording
Woodstock, IL