K & D Crushing


RSA Kiosk with Interact® SE software


As K & D Crushing added more trucks to their own delivery fleet and worked with additional haulers, they found that the amount of time needed to enter scale tickets each day into their Excel spreadsheet was far too time consuming. On average, this manual data entry was taking one employee six hours per day. As other aspects of the business were growing, they either needed to hire additional staff or purchase a scale ticket data collection system.


Install an RSA at the pit with a dial-up phone link to the Interact central database back at the main office located 40 miles away. Any new database information (new trucks, haulers, jobs, etc.) are added to the database at the main office each morning and are pushed out to the RSA at the pit over the phone line connection. At the same time, completed transactions are then uploaded back to the main office from the prior day. After drivers are finished loading, they are prompted for their Truck I.D./PIN #, Job # and Material # (Job # and Material # are listed on the wall). Three scale tickets print and a backup journal ticket prints at the same time.
Furthermore, to aid the staff at the pit, simple reports are printed off the RSA that break down the collected data by:

  1. Truck/Material
  2. Job/Material
  3. Hauler/Material
K & D Crushing
Interact SE
Boss, MO