Hi-Crush Proppants


RSA Kiosk with Interact® SE software and RFID system


Hi-Crush Proppants operates two mine and processing facilities in Wisconsin. They were looking to implement an automated system to track the amount of raw sand that was being loaded into their hopper from the pit. The goal was to provide a standard system across both sites in order to generate accurate reports for management.


Hi-Crush installed an unattended RSA data collection system with RFID at both sites. The RSA stores the transactions in a database and uses tare weights so as not to slow down traffic across the scale. The system does not prompt the driver for any input since the RSA is controlled by RFID and traffic signals for automated transaction processing.

The Interact software is used for communicating with the RSA to update the truck table and download transaction information to the office PC. The office PC initially used a wireless Ethernet connection, but has since installed a direct fiber to the scale.

After the data is transferred back to the office, staff members can audit the transaction data, edit tickets and run reports. This allows Hi-Crush to monitor production capacity and pay their haulers in a timely fashion.

Hi-Crush Proppants, LLC
Interact SE
RFID System
Wyville and Augusta, WI