Bacco Construction


Portable Remote Scale Appliance (RSA) with Interact® SE software and solar power and cellular network interface


Bacco Construction needed to collect scale ticket data from remote gravel pits that were being used for various road construction projects. These sites were so remote that Bacco did not have access to power or phone lines for communication purposes. In the past, each truck was weighed and recorded on a log sheet by the drivers. This made data collection inefficient and untimely because an employee had to visit each site to collect the data.


With the installation of the Interact SE software at the main office and portable RSA data collection systems at each of their six remote pits, Bacco Construction is able to run their business more efficiently and collect data faster, resulting in improved cash flow.

Each system includes a solar power option and cellular network interface to allow the main office to send updated job, material and truck tables to each site on a daily basis. At the same time, the previous day’s transactions are downloaded from the site to the office. For the one site that is so remote it does not have cellular coverage, the local manager uses a laptop to download the data and import it at the office.

Bacco Construction
Portable RSA
Interact SE
Solar Power
Cellular Network Interface
Iron Mountain, MI