Preferred Sands of MN


Interact SE® truck scale software with the unattended Real-Time Scale appliance (RTSA), Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and IP intercom


Preferred Sands was hauling sand from their mines to their processing facility and needed a method for tracking the amount of material that was being processed. The volume of transactions was so high that Preferred Sands needed to find a system to streamline and automate the flow of truck traffic and data collection.


The RTSA data collection system is able to process unlimited transactions and easily accomodate the 300 transaction per day requirement requested by Preferred Sands.

Installing RFID tags on each truck allows Preferred Sands to quickly identify every truck and minimize the amount of driver entry. As a truck stops on the scale, the RFID reader reads the tag, the software verifies the truck in the database and automatically stores the transaction. The system gives the driver a green light indicating that the transaction is stored and the truck is free to drive off the scale.

As each transaction is processed, it was stored real-time in a database. This data is later used for management and production reports as well as invoicing and royalty reports.

Preferred Sands of MN
Interact SE
RFID Reader and Tags
IP Intercom System
Bloomer, WI