Michels Materials


K-2™ Kiosk


Michels Materials is a large aggregate producer that operates several dozen small to mid-sized pits and quarries in WI and MN. Michels had the problem of ticket data getting back to the office in a timely and accurate manner.


In 2005, Michels installed six RSA data collection systems. The RSA was a first generation kiosk from AWS. Over the years, Michels installed over thirty systems and outgrew the RSA’s capabilities. In 2016, they started installing K-2 systems. The K-2 allowed Michels to seamlessly connect to each site to update database tables (i.e. job, trucks, etc.) and pull transaction data. This data then interfaced with their JWS software to provide a seamless data collection process.

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Michels Materials

K-2™ Kiosk

Brownsville, WI