Gerke & Sons, Inc.


K-2™ Kiosk with Interact® Pro software and cellular network interface.


Gerke & Sons needed to collect scale ticket data from remote frac-sand and gravel-pit operations 24/7. These sites did not have access to phone lines for communication purposes. Also, Gerke & Sons wanted a data collection system that was portable so they could move it from pit to pit as needed.


With the installation of the Interact Pro software at the main office and portable K-2 kiosks at three remote pits, Gerke & Sons is able to run their business more efficiently and collect data faster, resulting in improved cash flow.

Each system includes a cellular network interface to allow the office to send updated job, material and truck database information to each site on a daily basis. At the same time, the previous day’s transactions are downloaded from the site to the office.

These data collection systems have allowed Gerke & Sons to efficiently expand their business from a single site operation to one that manages several pit sites.

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Gerke & Sons, Inc.

K-2™ Kiosk
Interact® Pro software

Tomah, WI