Turndup Trucking


    Interact® SE truck scale ticketing software with Signature Capture Module and Inventory Module


    Turndup Trucking operates a number of transload and terminal facilities in the Bakken oil region and were manually processing scale transactions without having the ability to track product inventories at these sites.


    Turndup Trucking selected AWS to implement a system that would electronically process and store transaction data. Using Interact SE software with a signature capture pad, transactions are now stored in a timely and accurate fashion. Access to management reports are immediate.

    Using the Interact software, scale operators have an easy-to-use tool that gives them the ability to collect the necessary information for each transaction.

    From tracking railcars to dispatching trucks to well sites, AWS provided Turndup Trucking the ability to generate real-time inventory totals while providing up to date information for their customers.

    Turndup Trucking

    Interact SE
    Signature Capture Module
    Inventory Module

    Glendive, MT