Town of North Kingstown Transfer Station


Interact® SE truck scale software


There were a number of issues and limitations with the scale software that the Town of North Kingstown Transfer Station was operating.

  • It provided limited functionality in the areas of reporting capability and support.
  • The software was not supported on Windows 7 and the author would be required to rewrite the program in order to make it functional.
  • It was not networkable which forced the Town to export data between the office and scale sites and it did not operate on a network/SQL server.
  • The transaction databases had to be downloaded via USB memory stick to an off-site workstation for account reconciliation and reporting purposes.
  • The technical support available for the software was limited and not available during the facility’s business hours.


AWS installed an Interact SE network system specifically configured for the North Kingstown Transfer Station. The software installation allowed the Town to operate on a network based system utilizing two work stations. It enhanced the Town’s reporting capabilities and provided remote access support during facility business hours.

AWS kept in constant contact with North Kingstown during the installation process to ensure the system was running smoothly. The Town now has a system that provides timely and accurate report data with the level of support that is desired.

Town of North Kingstown Transfer Station

Interact SE Software

North Kingstown, RI