Superior Minerals


Interact SE® Truck Scale Software with a Third Party Interface to MAS200


Superior Minerals was looking for a solution to efficiently and accurately account for materials processed, manufactured and sold at their remote loadout facility. Since it was not cost-effective to provide a full-time scale operator, the goal was to provide an automated system with a user-friendly interface to streamline the data collection process and electronically provide the data for department and job related reporting purposes. They needed to eliminate manual data entry errors and improve inventory tracking.


Superior Minerals selected AWS as a business partner because of our experience and expertise in data collection and system integration. The solution provides an unattended data collection and ticketing system that communicates with the main office. AWS was willing to research and propose solutions that satisfied Superior Minerals’ needs. In addition to on-site consultation and demonstration prior to purchasing, AWS was also able to complete the project within budget.

Superior Minerals

Interact SE
Third Party Interface to MAS200

Savage, MN