Spencer Quarries, Inc.


Interact® PRO truck scale software with traffic light control


Spencer Quarries needed to improve the efficiency of their truck weighing process. Since all scale tickets were being processed by hand, it was taking far too much time to enter scale transactions and produce invoices and statements. In addition, their current scale was too short and trucks had to be split-weighed. These added steps were causing traffic flow problems.


Installing Interact Professional software allowed all trucks to be processed automatically. This also streamlined the billing process and improved cash flow.

Instead of having drivers pull off to the side and get out of their truck to sign the scale ticket, they now pull up to the bank teller style office window and perform this step while remaining in the truck. The driver signs the ticket and receives their copies while the next truck is being weighed. Traffic lisghts, along with a new full-length scale, help control traffic flow. These steps provide Spencer Quarries with a more efficient ticket/billing system, not to mention the ability to process more transactions in a shorter period of time and with better customer service.

Spencer Quarries, Inc.

Interact Pro
Traffic Light Control Module

Spencer, SD