Pete Lein & Sons, Inc.


Interact® SE truck scale software with TransCore RFID based Remote Printer


As Pete Lien & Sons, Inc. grew, they found that the wait time on their current truck scale was becoming too long and they risked losing customers due to decreased productivity. In addition, they wanted to expand their hours of operation to a fixed group of trucks that needed to start hauling out of their pit before 5:00 a.m.


Install an additional truck scale with an automated ticketing system. This new system allows a fixed group of trucks to be issued RFID tags. Each RFID tag is tied to the truck/hauler and is unique to the system so duplicate entries cannot occur.

Instead of allowing the drivers to select the Job and Material codes for each transaction, a dispatch operator set up each truck in the system with pre-selected Job and Material codes. The transaction automatically defaults to these values once the truck comes to rest on the scale and the PRINT button is pressed by the driver.

Pete Lien & Sons, Inc.

Interact SE
Remote Printer
TransCore RFID

Rapid City, SD