City of Superior, WI


Interact® SE truck scale software, RFID readers, traffic gate, intercom and camera system


The City of Superior received a contract from a neighboring municipality to haul municipal solid waste into their landfill. This resulted in a need to add a longer truck scale along with an automated scale system. Traditionally, all transactions were recorded on a log sheet by the scale attendant and then hand entered into an Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet was then sent to the main office where the totals were hand entered into a billing system. This process was not only inefficient, but it also required a scale attendant to be present to record all weights.


Install Interact SE software, RFID readers, traffic gate, intercom system and camera system. The RFID readers, in conjunction with the traffic control gate, allow for increased hours of operation. Since each truck from the neighboring municipality is equipped with a unique RFID tag, the trucks are automatically identified by the RFID reader, which opens the gate and allows the transaction to be processed.

For all other customers during regular business hours (while a scale attendant is present), Interact is used in the attended mode and trucks are processed manually by the scale attendant. All transactions are recorded in Interact which eliminates the need to hand enter transactions in an Excel spreadsheet. Reports are now printed at the end of each day detailing customer, truck and material totals.

City of Superior

Interact SE
RFID Readers and Tags
Traffic Gate
Intercom System
Camera System

Superior, WI