Breckenridge Materials


Interact® SE software


Breckenridge Materials’ truck scale was located approximately 750’ from the redi-mix plant control room. All truck scale tickets for aggregate sales were being hand written by drivers at the scale house. This led to inaccurate data collection and some lost tickets. Furthermore, because all tickets were hand collected, it took days to get these tickets delivered to the main office for billing purposes.


AWS installed a new printer in the scale house with wireless communication that automatically sends the weight data to the redi-mix control room. When the truck arrives, the driver contacts the control room operator over the CB and the ticket is processed through Interact software on the control room’s PC. Once the control room operator enters the ticket data into Interact, the wireless communication system sends a signal back to the scale house with the ticket information and the driver’s ticket prints.
The data is then summarized into reports that are provided to the accounting staff at the main office via e-mail or fax. Hard copies of the tickets are sent to the main office for backup documentation.

Breckenridge Materials

Interact SE

Bourban, MO