C. Reiss Coal Company


AutoTouch unattended controller application with Interact® SE software


C. Reiss Coal Company found that, as their business was expanding, so was the time it took to manually tabulate weight tickets. Drivers would enter the scale house and have to look up the order for the load they were there to pick up. The inbound and outbound weights would then be printed on this order, but the net weight would have to be calculated manually. Once all net weights were calculated, all tickets were hand entered into a report and that report was sent to the corporate office for billing.


Install Interact SE software along with an AutoTouch unattended data collection system. This allows C. Reiss Coal Company to have the drivers process transactions with Gross, Tare and Net weights automatically computed while having all of the information automatically entered into the Interact SE database. C. Reiss Coal then downloads this data to their corporate office for billing.

C. Reiss Coal Company
AutoTouch System
Interact SE
Green Bay, WI